Do you want Excuses or do you want Results?

There are many different excuses I hear on a daily basis of why people are not working out; and all of them, without any exception, I can find a solution for. My goal is for everyone to kick those excuses to the curb and realize that there is an answer to that particular excuse. You can either have excuses or results; you cannot have both.

  • Don’t sit around waiting for your body to magically change

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I hear a lot of people complaining that they have tried absolutely everything in order to lose weight, but they are not seeing the results. I simply find it very hard to believe. Yes, we all have different body types and some of us can lose weight faster than others, but it is not scientifically possible for someone to see zero change if he or she is working out the proper way. If you really believe that you did indeed try everything, hence that is the reason that made you give up, I assure you that you obviously missed something and all you need to do is re-evaluate what went wrong. Get back on track, start fresh, switch it up, try something new, hire a personal trainer for a few days to give you the proper guidelines on what you need to do based on your body type, and be confident that your body WILL change.

  • Don’t binge because you are sad

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We all are aware that emotional eating does not fix or resolve emotional problems; it generally makes you feel worse.

Not only do you feel guilty after binging for no reason and consuming unnecessary calories, but also that initial emotional problem lingers. How to stop that behavior? The first step is to recognize that you are eating not to fill your stomach, but to fill emotional needs.

How? For example, emotional eating comes on suddenly (your urge to eat demands instant satisfaction), it only craves comfort/fatty foods (that provide instant rush), it doesn’t stop when your stomach is full (while physical hunger stops when you are satisfied), and it usually triggers feelings of shame and regret (because you know that nutritional reasons were not why you ate what you ate) 

  • Don’t complain that you are too tired

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I get it; it is difficult to remember how great it feels at the end of a workout when you are too tired. We all work all day and find ourselves drained at 6 pm; however, I promise you there are many ways for you to completely ignore that excuse and still manage to get motivated enough to head to the gym. For example, go workout straight after work (whether it is at home, or a gym) because stopping at home or anywhere else might very well lessen your chances of making it to your workout; also, eat a late protein-rich afternoon snack that will boost your energy, get enough sleep, and keep remembering that great feeling you get post-workout. The lack of exercise is the very reason you feel tired

  • Don’t whine that you do not have enough time

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I find it ironic that a lot of you can’t make the decision to accomplish something that could ONLY benefit you, your body, and your soul. You have enough time to sit on your bed, download a TV show, chat with a few friends about things that you know could easily be discussed another time, but you can’t dedicate one hour of your day to a workout? We all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, full-time jobs, personal commitments, but the difference is the person who is fit makes the TIME for what he or she TRULY wants. For me it’s simple; people who use this as an excuse are actually saying that taking care of their body is not enough of a priority.

  • Don’t blame it on not having a gym membership

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Didn’t you hear about “No gym, No problem”? Most of the videos I post go with that concept. While the gym does offer an assortment of equipments that help your workout, there are hundreds of workout exercises (both beginner and advanced) that you could in the privacy of your own home, your backyard, the park, the beach (…) Do not underestimate workouts that you could adopt with things that are already in your house, by only using your body weight; you could use stairs, a chair, and even a towel while still being able to work your whole body from your core, abs, hamstrings, glutes, and upper body. There are also fitness equipments that have become very affordable (a resistance band, an exercise ball…)

  • Don’t say that workout out is too boring

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Is taking a shower, brushing your teeth, getting a doctor’s check up entertaining for you? Probably not (if it is then… well congratulations on being unique). You get these tasks done because you have to, and are part of your lives in order to make sure to stay healthy. When you meet someone who finds exercising fun, other than finding that person annoying, you often ask yourself how he or she works out as a pleasurable hobby. Trust me, it did not start that way. Personally, I started because I took it as a task that “I had to do” in order to get the body I wanted; it was boring, it was hard, but I pushed myself and did it. All I needed was the motivation and it soon became a habit, and that habit became fun the minute I saw my body changing.


Your body can stand anything, how can you know what your limit is if you don’t challenge  yourself? The only thing that you should try to convince is your mind. Find the motivation to get you started, and habit will keep you going. Let’s make it a lifestyle for our present, but most importantly for our future. A few months from now you will thank  yourself

J x


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