Starbucks – How To Keep It Healthy

starbucks calories 5

I personally cannot begin my day without passing by the nearest Starbucks to get my usual – a Grande (aka: Medium) Extra foam Skinny Cappuccino with 2 Vanilla pumps. Why the precision of the number of pumps? Well, I used to place my order by simply saying “Skinny Vanilla Cappuccino” without knowing that 4 pumps of Vanilla syrup were being added. Why add 4, when only 2 will give my drink the sweetness it needs to satisfy my taste buds? Those changes right there, as small as they can be, make a big difference in your day to day betterment

Hence, I do think it is important to know the caloric content you are consuming whenever you are ordering anything; especially if you are on a journey of weight-loss and getting fit.

Why ruin your diet with a cup of coffee? What a lot of people do not realize is that they could be ordering drinks that can have nearly half of their daily caloric intake when it comes to the sugar, syrup, and cream that are added in them. I am not telling you to order plain black coffee – I myself would never be able to – all I am suggesting is being more informed of what you are consuming on a daily basis

starbucks calories 2

starbucks calories

It is completely possible to satisfy your coffee fix with a drink that is low in calories. Below are Starbucks drinks that are less than 200 calories:

starbucks calories 6

There are imperative tools to keep in mind, which can lower the fat and calorie count of the coffee drink that you love. How?

  • Ask for extra foam. The foam takes up more space in the drink, which decreases the amount of milk used, hence the number of calories. (This is why a Cappuccino has fewer calories than a Café Latte)
  • Forget the whipped cream. Adding whipped cream to a tall coffee drink adds 60 calories, and 6 grams of fat. It’s not worth it
  • Add ice (or ask for extra ice). Any drink with ice will have less calories than if it were hot since you displace some of the milk
  • Lower the count of pumps – When ordering your flavored coffee (for example: Vanilla Latte with non fat milk), ask the barista how many vanilla pumps it normally contains. If he says 4 (the normal count for a medium size drink), cut it in half and ask for 2 instead. Trust me, the sweetness will be as satisfying
  • Switch to sugar-free syrup – They don’t normally ask you for what kind of syrup you prefer. Make sure to mention “sugar free”
  • Avoid the Venti cup size; go with the Tall or Grande instead
  • Opt for nonfat milk. That saves up to 120 calories and 15g fat
  • Use your logic. If you read “Caramel Brûlée” or “Double Chocolate Brownie” next to “Coffee” and still decide to order it, you know you’re not doing yourself any favors

Bon Appétit ! 🙂

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