At-Home Workout to Tone your Legs and Bum using Ankle Weights

Incorporating ankle weights to your workout is not only a great way to add resistance to your lower body trianing, but it also helps you improve your overall strength as you perform those exercises

In order to continue to build a muscle and avoid reaching a plateau, you will need to work it harder by increasing your repetitions, or in this case, by adding resistance to your routine

  1. Side leg raises – put your foot out to the side, and lift as high as you can
  2. Up & across leg raises – place your foot behind you, cross over to the opposite side, touch down, lift your leg back up, and bring your foot back to initial position
  3. Lying leg curl – place your hands under chin, concentrate on squeezing your hamstrings muscles. You could perform this exercise one leg at a time
  4. Sidelying abduction leg lift – make sure not to lean backwards and keep your core engaged

Aim for 30 seconds (each side), and repeat the cycle 4 times giving yourself a 20-second break between each cycle

Try these out!


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