8 Plank Variations for a Stronger Core


The plank can strenghten your core, fix poor posture, and reduce lower back pain while also engaging 20 muscles in your body – from your core, to your legs, back, arms, and glutes. It REALLY is one of the most effective exercise for core strenghtening

If you think you have mastered the basic plank (which can get a little boring at times I know), then make them more playful and more challenging by adding these advanced variations to your routine

  1. Up-down plank – squeeze your abs and push through your shoulders
  2. Side to side walking plank
  3. Hand extended plank
  4. Plank hip dips
  5. Rocking plank
  6. Leg lifts plank – lift your feet slightly off the ground
  7. Side plank pulses – your hand can either be pointing to the ceiling, or on your waist
  8. Side plank lift – keep your spine lenghtened and your abs engaged, and lift your leg up just higher than your hip, and hold

Having proper form is crucial when holding a plank. Always make sure to tighten your abdominal muscles, squeeze your glutes, position your feet hip-width apart, and avoid collapsing your lower back

Happy workout everyone!

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