Total Body Blast Using a Bosu Ball

Are you ready to introduce new equipments to your workout regimen? Are you ready to pump up your workouts and try something new? Here is a video of 8 different variations you could do using the Bosu Ball targeting your whole body

The whole idea of the Bosu is to create an unstable surface so you will have to work harder in order to maintain balance. Your whole body will shake performing them!

Make sure to keep good form the entire time, and do each move for 40 seconds, then rest 10 seconds before moving on to the next one. Repeat the cycle 4 times, giving yourself a minute break between each cycle

All you need is this single piece of equipment! Get ready to feel your core, shoulders, and legs burning (It’s a good thing)

  1. Plank side to side
  2. Ab curl up – on a Bosu ball, your spine is extended, which means that your abdominal muscles can work through a great range of motion. Perform this exercise in a slow and controlled manner
  3. Side plank leg lift – when you lower your leg down, make sure to keep the rest of your body still
  4. Pop overs – the quicker you move, the more intense the exercise
  5. Push up – engage your core, and slowly lower your body down to the Bosu
  6. Froggers – jump your feet outside of your hands and jump immediately back to a plank position
  7. One-legged bridge – squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips up to the sky. Hold, then slowly lower back down
  8. Bosu Burpee – jump back into a push up or skip the push up for an easier variation. Try to keep your core tight

Happy Workout Everyone! 🙂

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