Food Trends – And all of its hype

This article was posted inside WKND Magazine, as well as on the Khaleej Times website

superfood article 1.jpg

superfood article

Quinoa, chia seeds, plant-based, truffles, kale, are one of the many foods that I can name that have only surfaced in the last few years and have taken over the food industry

Just like fashion, people are always on the look-out for new fads and trends when it comes to food – and companies are always making sure their products don’t become obsolete by staying well aware of what their customers are being exposed to through social media

Food trends are constantly shifting to reflect not only the ever-changing interests of people, but also the ever-growing discoveries brought to us from all over the world

To me personally, as it surely differs for everyone, a successful food trend is something that is healthy yet so indulgent, and that looks pretty on your screen


I know, you might tell yourself that you’ve been eating them since the longest time so how could this really be a trend. But if you think you’ve seen every avocado trend there is, think again.

The avocado toast alone, which I call an Instagram star, keeps on seeing new layers to it every once in a while. It went from being the basic toast of choice, avocado mash, a squeeze of half a lemon, dotted with red pepper flakes, to countless other versions today. People are now dressing it up by adding crushed nuts, balsamic glaze, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, basil, thyme, smoked salmon, poached eggs, and the list goes on and on

superfoods 2 superfoods 5

Other than the diverse avocado toast, avocados are being used in categories of foods that we would have found unusual years ago, such as smoothies and desserts. Because I’m lactose intolerant, I use avocado in my chocolate mousse, chocolate brownies, and also smoothies. The use of avocado makes the recipe creamy, thick, and delicious without the need to use any dairy.

superfoods 12  Vegan Chocolate Pudding From Avocado And Hazel Milk

Instagrammable foods 


I will need more than two hands in order to count the number of restaurants I went to and thought to myself “this meal will not be touched before I post it on my Insta story”. It seems like chefs are paying attention to not only how the food tastes, but also how it would look on people’s phone screens.

Companies / chefs around the world are using that same approach, and creating food products that are popular because of their aesthetic, and not solely because of their taste or health benefits.

A few that I can think about are cronuts (a croissant-doughnut pastry), charcoal ice cream, unicorn cakes, oversized smoothie bowls…

cronut 1 cronut

unicorn unicorn 2

acai 1

Let’s talk about that last one for a second. Yes, acai is unquestionably healthy, but the portions and the add-ons (granola, chocolate, peanut butter..) that we see on our feed, making these bowls visually pretty, are making them packed with fats, sugar, and unwanted calories



No one really knows what it is, but everyone knows what it looks like. “Ah yes, the green thing”- is usually the answer people would give you when you ask them about it. It is astounding that a certain food can become so visually distinguishable thanks to the power of social media.

From matcha tea, to matcha latte, to matcha baked goods, and matcha icecream,  this powdered green tea, an integral part of the Japanese culture, is taking restaurants and Instagram by storm

It is no surprise that it has become a food trend – it is packed with antioxidants, it boosts your immunity, kick starts your metabolism, it is exotic, and it turns the food green (which make it look unique and pretty – hence, popular on people’s newsfeeds)

Just like any ingredient, we have to be aware when paired with others. Yes, Matcha is a healthy powerhouse, but it is being also being used in croissants, cakes, milkshakes (…) which can hinder its health capabilities





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