Bio: As a Health and Fitness enthusiast, I have decided to create a blog where I can share the workout regimen that I have developed, healthy-meal recipes that I have gathered, as well as reviews on articles that could be beneficial. I am a strong believer that living a healthy life leads to an enormous sense of well-being. When I first started this blog (August 2014), I wasn't a nutritionist, nor a personal trainer and did not have any plans to get qualified; but, I had developed a love for eating and exercising right and my goal was simply to motivate others to start looking at taking care of their bodies as a reward, not a punishment. Today, I hold a certification in Fitness Instructing and Fitness Nutrition; and i did so in order to use my expertise to help people achieve their personal wellness goals. Choose the healthy lifestyle. Do it today. Do it for yourself. Do it for your future self.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. I really appreciate of what you’re posting and you can say, I’m kind of stalker :p I really like your photos on instagram and I just opened the website and I really like it. Keep it up healthy girl 😀 take care


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