Abs Sculpting Workout

Are you looking for new exercises targeting your abdominals to add to your workout routine? These will definitely light your abs on fire! 1. Walkout plank variation 2. Plate hold single to double leg drops – slow and controlled 3. … Continue reading

Towel Core Workout

Towel Jack knife x 15 Towel Leg Shuffles x 15 Towel Thread Throughs x 15 (Repeat the cycle 4 times, with a 15-second break between each set) Wow do these exercises burn! I love workouts that don’t involve needing any … Continue reading

Posture & Ab Burner Workout

Figure four leg raises – Push down the bent leg on the straight leg in order to create resistance (10 each side) Lay down salutes (10 each side) Jackknife crunches – For a more advanced workout, your feet and head … Continue reading

Bodyweight Wall Workout

This is one of my favorite workouts ever targeting the core, shoulders, arms, and glutes while also challenging your balance and coordination 20 wall walks 20 side leg touches – move your body a little further from the wall 20 … Continue reading

Outdoor Workout Using a Wall

This exercise mainly targets the core; but also the shoulders and arms because of the challenge of pushing your body up the wall. 20 straight leg pushes (great for lower abdominals) 20 side leg pushes (great for obliques) 20 side … Continue reading