At-Home Workout to Tone your Legs and Bum using Ankle Weights

Incorporating ankle weights to your workout is not only a great way to add resistance to your lower body trianing, but it also helps you improve your overall strength as you perform those exercises In order to continue to build … Continue reading

Glutes & Legs Workout Using A Chair

Step up Leg Lift – Keep your core tight Squat Hops – Try to only tap without fully sitting all the way down Elevated one-legged Squat with Abductor Lift – Squeeze the glutes as you bring the leg to the … Continue reading

Towel Core Workout

Towel Jack knife x 15 Towel Leg Shuffles x 15 Towel Thread Throughs x 15 (Repeat the cycle 4 times, with a 15-second break between each set) Wow do these exercises burn! I love workouts that don’t involve needing any … Continue reading

Posture & Ab Burner Workout

Figure four leg raises – Push down the bent leg on the straight leg in order to create resistance (10 each side) Lay down salutes (10 each side) Jackknife crunches – For a more advanced workout, your feet and head … Continue reading